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The Vice-President of the United States is a federal official in the executive branch created by the United States Constitution. The Vice-President is elected along with the President of the United States and is first in the presidential line of succession, meaning that the Vice-President would become President if the President resigned, died, or was removed from office. The 47th and current Vice-President of the United States is Joe Biden, serving in the administration of President Barack Obama.

Role in legislation[]

One of the powers assigned to the Vice-President in the Constitution is service as the President of the United States Senate. Although the Vice-President rarely functions in such an office, the Vice-President does cast the deciding votes if a vote on the Senate floor is tied.

If the PROTECT IP Act or a variation of it is voted upon on the Senate floor and the vote is tied, it will be the responsibility of the Vice-President as President of the Senate to cast the tie-breaking vote. Should the bill pass prior to him leaving office, Vice-President Biden will be responsible for this.

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