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The IP Law Wiki FAQ was created to answer potential frequently asked questions in one place. If you are a new user, read on! Even if you are not new and you still have a question, we encourage you to consult this ever-expanding page. If a popular question is not answered by this guide, feel free to add the question with an appropriate answer.

What is the IP Law Wiki?[]

The IP Law Wiki is a wiki-based encyclopedic resource and forum for discussion regarding intellectual property law and legislation, particularly in the United States, as well as other Internet-based laws, legislation, and treaties. It includes view points from all sides of the issues, general intellectual property law news, and information about politics and government related to the issues.

Who owns this wiki?[]

One of the great things about wikis is that no single individual owns them. Wikis like this are community-based projects. Decisions should be made by the community, with administrators acting as guides instead of dictators. On a technical note, IP Law Wiki is hosted by Wikia, which owns the domain and the server space that IP Law Wiki utilizes. IP Law Wiki and all other Wikia wikis are governed by Wikia's Terms of Use.

Who can edit this wiki?[]

You can! As mentioned previously, wikis are community-based projects. That means anyone, including you, can edit pages on the wiki. You can create a new page if there is a topic missing from the wiki, or you can add missing or new information into pre-existing pages. This is a wiki by and for readers, so join in!

Is this wiki neutral, or does it take any stands?[]

This wiki is primarily an encyclopedic resource, so we aim to be neutral in the presentation of our content, but that does not mean we will not advocate when we feel it is necessary. If the facts of an issue point towards it being something that the wiki should oppose, then we may oppose it. For example, this wiki was part of the January 2012 Internet blackout that protested the Stop Online Piracy Act and PROTECT IP Act. We do not advocate in our actual encyclopedic resources, however, and that content will remain neutral.

Where can I talk about the issues?[]

We have a discussion forum where those on all sides of issues can give their opinion and discuss those opinions with others. You may end up discussing an issue with someone you disagree with, so always remember to be respectful. We can disagree without being disagreeable.