One of the most important aspects of law and politics is discussion. No one can learn or grow in their opinions without it. That includes discussion with those who agree with you as well as those who do not. Here at the IP Law Wiki, we welcome all points of view on any subject we are discussing. This page gives you an overview of the discussion areas you can find here on the wiki.

Community forumEdit

Our central discussion area is our community forum. We have a number of sub-forums there based on different kinds of discussions, and you can reply to any discussion you want or create a new discussion topic if a particular topic is not yet being talked about. Join in on the conversation today!

Chat roomEdit

IP Law Wiki has a chat room where you can talk in real time with other users on the wiki. You are welcome to discuss any aspect of the topics here on IP Law Wiki. A little socializing and off-topic discussion is fine as well. Join in on the chat today!

Page commentsEdit

All content pages here on the IP Law Wiki have a comments area at the bottom of the page. In this area, you can comment on anything regarding the content of the page, the topic of the page, or anything else that's relevant to what was discussed in the content. Because they are comments sections and not the pages themselves, you do not need to remain neutral in the comments.

User blogsEdit

Every person who has registered an account on Wikia has the ability to create blog posts for their account. You can create as many blogs as you want, on as many subjects relevant to the IP Law Wiki as you want. Other users will be able to comment on the blog posts, allowing for a lot of great discussion. One great thing about this is that while our encyclopedic resource articles remain neutral, your blog postings and the comments within them can be all about your opinions. Feel free to share them!

Message WallsEdit

Every registered user here on the IP Law Wiki has a Message Wall, where other users can send messages to you and you can send messages back. Your wall can be reached by clicking this link. When someone leaves you a message, you will receive a notification about that message. You can then reply directly below their message, and they will receive a notification of your reply. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves!

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